Too early year review – 2020

Yes, it’s early November. There’s also nothing really left for me this year, save for trying to re-integrate into society. Uni is done. Forever. So now’s as good a time as any for me to reflect on what 2020 was, and what it could’ve been.

First of all, fuck you COVID-19. I had so many hopes and dreams for this year and instead all I got was anxiety and loneliness.

I had planned to bowl my first 300 this year. I normally bowl 3 times every week, 3 games each time. I’d also bowl in the odd tournament or 5 to test my skills and try and come out with a little cash. This year, I can count on my 2 hands how many times I went bowling. 8 times. Like seriously, what the hell, world?

The main things that annoy me though is the lack of options I’ve had to try and connect with the local game industry, and the missed opportunity to make new friends and become better friends with existing ones. Coming out of the harshest lockdown in the world means I have to readjust to socialising (something I was already not great at) and somehow regain the energy to go out and do things.

Uni’s been interesting, to say the least. Not going to any classes or lectures, everything handled online, some units doing it more successfully than others… It’s fair to say it’s been a clusterfuck of a time, especially trying to do a capstone project. I don’t know how we managed it, but we pulled through in the end. We made a game, and I also completed all my other units without too much trouble in the end. Trying to do group work without being able to meet in person is stupidly hard though.

I am eternally grateful for my software engineering team for being the absolute best human beings/teammates possible. Y’all made my capstone experience just that little bit better!


I made a huge thread on twitter last year, reflecting on the 2010’s and setting some goals for this decade. Fair to say I haven’t had a chance to really achieve most of them.

My goals for the 2020s
My goals for the 2020s

Looking back on them, let’s see how I’m tracking:

  • Move out
    • Not even close. Wasn’t gonna happen for a while anyway, so not worried.
  • Learn more on UI/UX and programming
    • Yeah, I did learn a bit about all of the above. Once I’ve had a break, I’ll look into doing more for this though. Gotta keep learning!
  • Complete my degree
    • Yep. Done this. Unless I somehow fail one of my units, in which case… yikes!!
  • Get a job
    • Never planned on having one this year, and I honestly need a break before I try finding one.
  • Work as a programmer and/or UI designer in games
    • Kinda ties in with above
  • Continually work on becoming more empathetic and personable
    • Really hard to do when I’m not seeing people. Really want to though, and need the support of my friends to help I think.
  • Bowl my first 300
    • Didn’t have many chances this year
  • Win a bowling tournament
    • Never had one on to attend this year
  • Partner with a manufacturer and bowl in more bowling tournaments
    • Was never happening this year anyway, and quite a stretch to ever happen at all
  • Get my first 5fa
    • Haven’t started the next cricket season yet, maybe over the coming summer?
  • Get my first hattrick
    • As above
  • Play in the 2s, then in the 1s
    • As above, again
  • Find a partner
    • Never had the chance to get a partner.

2/13. Probably. No real guarantees I actually complete my degree this year haha! But, if I keep up 2 goals per year, I might have most of the things I want.

One final thing. I’m going to start seeing someone to help me through the mess that is my mind. This year took a huge toll on me, as it has many, many others, and after having one-too-many meltdowns, I’m gonna see what I can do to manage that.

Well, that’s it I guess. Not much else to say. I think I might do a game jam in December sometime (friends permitting, screw doing a solo jam!), so I’ll probably post again then, or whenever something else newsworthy pops up.

Have fun y’all. Those heading into a new lockdown elsewhere around the world, please take care of yourselves, physically and mentally! The rest of us in Melbourne, let’s do our best to reopen safely and responsibly!