Hello world!

Well I guess this is a thing now.

I didn’t think I’d ever start a blog and honestly, I have no idea how long I’ll keep this up. I guess you could call this an “iso hobby”, one of a few that has piled up. At least I did something about this one.

Look. Installing WordPress on my NAS was one of the more annoying things I had to deal with, but that’s no fault of WordPress. All I wanted to do was download the WordPress package and install it, but nooooo that was too easy, can’t have that! To spare the boring details, I had to manually download, extract and set up the database for this.

Now it works, but it looks like trash. I have a long journey ahead of me as I learn how to navigate this, so I can eventually make it look like the rest of my website (if you haven’t checked it out, you should click here).

Life has been… interesting to say the least. I’ve had the great joy of adding netcode to my capstone game, Purgatory Punch-On, and it has caused more than a few headaches. Like I have the full help and support of the rest of the engineers in the team but we manage to find a lot of brick walls. That’s currently our favourite analogy of what’s happening, with many potential solutions also bearing the tagline, “I didn’t expect this to work, but I had hope”.

Motivation has gone downhill thanks to netcode, like it wasn’t already low enough. I’m getting things done, but it’s mostly due to the help of deadlines. I’m taking a couple other units that require plenty of writing, one of which I despise and kinda wished I never had to do it. The other, I would normally be enthralled in; it’s called User-Centred Design and Evaluation and it’s run by Steve, probably one of my favourite tutors. I gained a small ember of passion for usability over the course of developing Get the Fog Out last year, so I was looking forward to this unit, until COVID-19 kinda came and kicked everyone up the ass. Now it’s just another thing that I need to do to get through the year in one piece.

I’ve kinda run out of things to say, so I guess that’s it for this post? How the hell do you end a blog post?

This is weird…